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For 25 years, Zeger has been a highly respected photographer in fashion and advertising. He travels the globe with his clients and team, to make sure that they receive the best pictures for their campaigns.

Recently Zeger also workes as a film director.


Zeger Garré was born 12 may 1965 in Ghent, Belgium

At the age of 12, Zeger received a camera from his father. That gift would determine his future. It was quickly clear that Zeger would choose to be a photographer, he was positively possessed by photographic images. Photography is not just his chosen trade, it is the fuel behind his drive and passion, and is an integral part of his life.

Zeger likes working with people; this is why he chose to be a fashion photographer. Publicity assignments with people and portraits are also preferred.


Zeger channels his abundant enthusiasm into his work. On set, he is a exciting bundle of energy. Models quickly pick up on these positive vibes, which results in them given their very best. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of standing in front of Zeger’s camera will confirm that he has the gift of getting them to relax – and sometimes even to forget that they are posing at all. This is a skill that brings authenticity to the pictures, for the models emotions are genuine, never acted.


This is how Zeger seeks to stands out from the crowd. In his view, a succesful photograph is more than simply the pursuit of technical perfection, it is about capturing the feeling, the emotion and the passion.

Zeger’s images aim to bring out the true experience which makes every person so unique




Models & Clients talk 


You are best of the best, Zeger!!

Every time Gulsina and I repeat how it is important who is behind the camera!!!

Gulsina send you big kiss with love !!


Lilia Gumerova




The day : the one and only incredible, unforgettable photoshoot with Zeger.

After 11 years in the modeling business I have met a lot of people, but I can tell you that I enjoyed working with Zeger and his team sooo much!

Zeger, waw, what a bullet of positive energy, inventive, creative and what I find a big plus point in a photographer is that he’s thrusting the models in the scene that he leaves us the freedom to let a model show the best side of herself! In one world close enough “GREAT”


Sofie Vereen





Wanted to thank you for the beautiful work !!!

Our catalogs are TOP !!! Shoot ... location ... colors ... model ...

Super well done!! Also our customers speak highly of your work ...

Be sure to plan us for the next season


Kind regards,

Dorine Tanghe




This is what I could say about the shooting when you work with Zeger, for a moment, you feel like you’re the one and only

It’s full of emotions





The suspense of the cooperation, the upbuilding to action, and in the action

there is only that point of interconnection that constantly whirls through you.

I danced, but Zeger had to dance even more to keep up.

Ok ready! The delight of ‘keep going’, the exhaustion as stimulant, the more tired we got, the better it became.

An improvisation in dance and photo, sometimes challenging, sometimes inventing, our relation constantly redrawn because of the stimuli, until the final moment.

Tired, exhausted, of course … a glass of water over my head.

It was one of the gratest shoots ever, thank you Zeger



I remember it was a pleasure to work with Zeger.

It was very easy to let go my inspiration and I could do

whatever passed through my head.

It was also very funny because I sometimes was making

sorts of acrobatic poses that were looking great on the polaroids.

Anyway, I would be very pleased to work again in such a nice team.





Thank you Zeger,

You are an Artist , l normally hate photos of myself , but l have to say these are unbelievably good!!

Call me anytime for a location





This is what I could say about the shooting when you work with Zeger, for a moment, you feel like you’re the one and only

It’s full of emotions






Hey Zeger, Maruschka


With this I want to say again that the photos are super nice. Everyone finds them top! We are really impressed. Thank you very much and congratulations on the wonderful result! Enjoy your well deserved holiday!



Mieke Verkest




I cannot say anything else then tat shoot went very good an smooth.

There was that last sunbeam through the roof window that created a gorgeous atmosphere. Zeger let me do what I wanted, move freely and nicely with the music of Madonna.





Hoi Zeger , Maruschka ,


We have received the new brochure today! Looks great!



Liesbet Vanderstappen



In the outside world showing your emotions makes you weak and vulnerable but in some places it makes things all stronger.



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