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It is a much greater gift to be able to give than to receive.

Zeger and his wife Maruschka founded the non-profit organization Zebra Kids Foundation in 2005. The mission of Zebra Kids Foundation is giving children a chance for a better future. Kids are the seeds of the society, very fragile and often helpless. By giving them support, attention, care and education, the children get a chance to succeed in life.

Always in the heartwarming collaboration with singer-songwriter Paul Michiels - godfather of the foundation. 



The idea to support Iram Elementary School in the Philippines was formed when Zeger did a photo shoot of the elders and children of the aeta population in Iram, Luzon, the Philippines. Zeger and his team noticed how poor the people are and wanted to help this community. The guide Eunice hesitantly asked for help for the aeta pupils of the elementary school where she is a teacher. The school is tucked away in the mountains. Since the photo shoot, help has been given to about 100 students. Help in the form of backpacks, school supplies, shoes, uniforms, umbrellas, Christmas dinners,... for many parents these are expenses they cannot afford. Have a look at the pictures to see what ZKF has done for these students.

For this project, ZKF could count on the fantastic collaboration with Betty Willems, who takes care of the complete follow-up in the philippines 

Project ‘Banda Aceh’ na de Tsunami (2004)

The goal was to support the school in Sekolah Dasar Negeri Seumet (Montasik - Sumatra- Indonesia) that had adopted 50 orphans after the Tsunami disaster of 2004. Because the school was just outside the disaster area, it couldn’t count on 1212 funds. ZKF wanted to donate the funds to dig a watering hole, and to buy school supplies and sporting goods. Because of the successful fundraiser, ZKF was able to support not only this school, but also six other schools in the area. Check the pictures to see what ZKF accomplished.

For this project, ZKF could count on the fine collaboration with bookwriter Belinda Aebi